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1. Workshop Nuriyya: Di, 06-03-2018. Inschrijvingen en/of info:  06-40948088

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2. Oriental MoVe treedt op tijdens Orientalische Nacht op vrijdag 27-04 te Huckelhoven (DL).

3. Optredens leerlingen op 27-05, Landjwaer Sittard. Optredens vanaf 16.30 uur.

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Biography Dance Monia

The life of Monia was already dominated by dance and moving when she was 5. From this age she took classes in classical ballet, gymnastics , disco- dance and jazz ballet. Inspired by the former series ‘Anna’ ( Sylvia Seidel ,as a child she made her first choreography for the big stage . From that moment she was sure that she would fulfill her future with dance. At the age of 14(till 21)she switched to ballroom and latin dance and trained every day for competitions, supplemented by weekly gymnastics . One year later, she was asked to follow a one - year education at the KNGB jazz ballet to become teacher (children under 12 years). Finally dancing and moving ended up in the world of aerobics , sports and dance. 11895417_872102446200138_851414343_o.jpg


During her education SPH ( HBO Social Work ), she continued with training, took private lessons and workshops in dance and sports. All of this has led to knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology , exercise variables , movement restrictions and teaching skills .


In 2003 she discovered belly dance and salsa. However, the enchanting atmosphere of the belly dance, motivated her to deepening this dance. During her training at the academy for modern and oriental dance , she learned a good classical (bellydance)base wich she could also mix with the different influences. She still follows workshops by leading dancers (classical and fusion )and today she now and then teaches at the academy for modern and oriental dance in Heerlen, Liege or Eindhoven.


Besides performing her passion lies mainly on the ' teaching ' and 'socializing' : others convey the passion to move, so that young and old can enjoy the freedom and confidence that may arise through dance and movement or can be further developed. Therefore she also loves to teach the aging male or female dancer .


In 2014 & 2015, she became Dutch Champion show- bellydance . Together with her mother ( 69 years) they achieved in 2014 the third place as a duo in the regular age group ( Ido Holland).

Courses-Educations: (i also attent to follow serveral workshops every year to catch up as dancer and teacher)

-     Classes ICODAC Brussel Oriental Dance & Folklore Dance

-     Privat classes dance & anthropology Isis Zahara Den Bosch

-     More specialised courses MBvO, More Excersise for Older People (CIOS)

-    Oct 2005 - Sep 2008 Instructor and Performer Oriental and Modern Bellydance

-    Aug 2004 - May 2005 MBO, Fitness Trainer A ( Fitvak !)

-    Aug 2003 - May 2005 MBO, More Exercise for Older / Chronically Ill (CIOS )

-    Sep 2000 - Jun 2004 HBO, Bachelor-degree  in Social Work

-    Sep 1997 - Jun 1998 MBO, Professional Aerobics Steps and education ( Yola Wilms )

-    Sep 1980 - June 1981 Preparatory Jazz gymnastics KNGB


Courses beside:

First Aid, Aerobics Instructor Steps, Zumba Instructor , Instructor Sport walking , Spinning Instructor